Meet the team

We combine passion and skill to make the best chocolates using only the best ingredients. Our team is made up of people who live in the Chocó Andino region, in the San José de Mashpi area.

Although we have defined roles, we are always willing to lend a hand in all tasks on the farm. All members know deeply every step of the production and agroecological transformation of cocoa.


She comprehensively designs new products and is responsible for supplying our laboratory with the best raw materials. Her favorite task, apart from innovating and exploring hundreds of possibilities with cocoa, is working on the agroforestry management of the farm and giving agroforestry workshops, and in the cultivation system that replicates the strategies of the native forest and that we apply in our cocoa fields.


The reserve ecologist. Besides knowing in depth everything related to cacao cultivation and working directly in its production, he is in charge of planting other species that accompany the cacao trees. He does biodiversity research and is a naturalist with a fierce eye and feline intuition. Alejo also guides visitors on the farm and gives workshops on the permacultural management of our crop and our reserve.


She was born and lives in San José de Mashpi. She has an artist's spirit! She has been working on the project for 12 years - almost since the beginning! In this time she has become an expert in chocolate making. She always gets the spices right: their proportions and qualities. When necessary, she enjoys working on the farm, especially harvesting.


She is in charge of sales and distribution and is always looking for new opportunities and contacts, for both Mashpi chocolate and other farming families.

Manu has great expertise in international trade and is the person who made it possible for Mashpi Chocolate to reach various corners of the world, both within Ecuador and abroad. She is in constant contact with our partners in the USA and our distributors in Europe and Japan.


Marco is passionate about nature and is the main cultivator of the farm. He has worked at Mashpi Chocolate for 13 years. He has become an expert in organic agriculture and the management of national cocoa. He is the bearer of unparalleled knowledge of peasant life, capable of repairing an airplane with a beer cap, and doing practically anything!


This young man has been characterized by always being motivated and ready to learn. Today he has earned the position of associate chocolatier. He works in the preparation of all the processed products that leave the farm. During the time that he is linked to Mashpi Chocolate he has become an expert in all the transformation processes of raw materials, especially the roasting of cocoa beans, always achieving the best results. His smile makes anyone happy and his commitment is another of his hallmarks.


Our very own environmental lawyer, Fred helps us with all the legal aspects of the business but he also works with many communities around the country, always pursuing social justice.


Fred's sister, Val is our representative in the USA. She manages all the imports that we send there and is always looking for ways to support the project from afar - from selling our chocolate to telling our story everywhere she goes.

Our four-legged collaborators

  • Mamba

    Our beloved Mamba has been on the farm since the project began, and always accompanies the team in all the work on the farm. He enjoys sucking any almond that comes his way and is a faithful defender of National Cocoa. Has fun watching the Agoutis and gets along well with the chickens.

  • Bilimbí

    Was recently welcome into the team. His main task is to scare away the agoutis to prevent them from eating the cocoa and yuccas. He runs after them, although he never manages to catch any and quickly loses interest. The rest of his day is dedicated to savoring all the varieties of bananas we grow on the farm, he can eat up to 15 in a day! He bears this beautiful name in honor of the bilimbí tree, a delicious and versatile fruit from Southeast Asia.

Client's Reviews

Great experience, a lot of knowledge about sustainable ways of living and agriculture. Delicious chocolates.

Juan Sebastian Serrano

Wonderful learning experience about the creation of the structure of “The Soil” of the planet, within the framework of the Permaculture course of the Seed Guardian Network. We reproduce Native Mountain Microorganisms, we make Biol, Bokashi and we visit the new Quinta Agro Forestal Sintrópica that they promoted with the great Namaste of Brazil 🇧🇷We tasted delicious chocolate.

Diego Haeussler Pérez

Beautiful place... Incredible nature... Ideal to learn more about artisanal chocolate and the work to conserve the forests of the Chocó Andean... Highly recommended...!!

Lucho Moreno Sambonino

It is a beautiful place to spend a Sunday with the family.

Vladimir Melendez

A place to disconnect from everything

Alejandro R-Statistics