My thoughts on our recent medals at the Ecuador Chocolate Awards

My thoughts on our recent medals at the Ecuador Chocolate Awards


Last night (9/6/23) we won four medals at the Ecuador Chocolate Awards !!!!

Our 65% with Calamondin bar, 70% with cocoa nibs bar, and 65% with Salt and cardamom bar all won GOLD medals ?.
Our 65% chocolate bar filled with cacao pulp won a silver medal ?

The @catadoresec chocolate contest takes place every year and many of our bars have won the best places for several consecutive years and we are thankful to the organizers and to the judges. We're incredibly proud to get to participate year after year and that there is so much work put in by so many people to position Ecuadorian chocolate as a referent for great cacao and chocolate around the world.

We are also incredibly grateful for the recognition for our work, but above all we thank the forest that welcomes us and all our team that makes this possible.

In the end, the forest is worth a lot more than any gold and silver ?

To us, getting these medals is assurance that we're on the right path. Not only we're living fully by our truth, which is to restore the soil and in harmony with Nature, but it also allows us to demonstrate that our idea of "working WITH Nature" instead of "in spite of Nature" is possible. Each year that goes by and that we get another of these medals, assures us that the care and love that we put in our soil is revealing itself in our final product.

What's funny, in a way, is that the name that medals get is names of those heavy metals that we're so against extracting. That's just a thought that always makes me laugh. We value that gold and that silver, but we value it more if it stays where it belongs instead of in human hands, a process that is much more destructive than worth it.

Thanks for reading me and as always, thanks for your support!


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