What do we mean by "regenerative cacao"?

What do we mean by "regenerative cacao"?


We always talk about “regenerative cacao” and “regenerative agriculture”, but are you still wondering what we mean with this word?


Well, regenerative agriculture, in general, refers to a holistic and sustainable approach to farming that aims to restore and enhance soil health, promote biodiversity, and mitigate climate change, ultimately creating a more resilient and productive ecosystem.  Regenerative agroforestry, in turn, also harnesses the power of this approach for forest restoration. Agroforestry, in essence, mimics the structure of a natural forest, where different plant species coexist and contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem. By putting different types of plants together they protect each other from pests and disease, commonly because of the animal species that they attract but also sometimes because of the microorganisms that inhabit them. The result is not only an edible forest, but also a net removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, safeguarding soil, providing food sovereignty to the community, protecting watersheds and preserving biodiversity.




At Mashpi chocolate, we use this form of agriculture and we use cacao as one of our main species to achieve a healthy environment. Cacao trees are nature’s hidden champions, perfectly adapted to flourish beneath the canopy of tropical forests. They thrive in the shelter of larger trees, and this is where the magic of cacao farming intertwines with the realm of tropical forest restoration.

The beauty of cacao cultivation lies in its versatility:  These trees can be harmoniously planted alongside a diverse array of food-producing and native trees, embracing the principles of agroforestry, and at Mashpi Chocolate we take advantage of this by planting over 200 species of edible plants along with our cacao. We are very proud of the cacao grown in our regenerative agroforestry systems earns the coveted title of “Regenerative Cacao.” It’s a testament to the harmony between agriculture and the environment.

Here at Mashpi Chocolate, we’re dedicated to following this sustainable path. We’re not just restoring forests, but we’re also uplifting the lives of those involved in this journey. 

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